61-Year-Old Model Truly Stuns Her Swimsuit Drive, And Reveals Her Sexy Secrets



17. She lives at the beach and doesn’t require much makeup when she already looks so sexy and gorgeous without it. At the most, she wears Dr. Hauschka lip balm and Josie Maran’s cheek and eye color.


18. Rossi also engages herself in learning fine art and photography. The 61-Year-Old model also goes for acting classes during weekends and reveals a strong desire to work in science fiction or adventure movies.


19. This model reveals some more secrets about her being very spiritual and how much she loves to be in touch with nature. Rossi also has a very renewed attitude towards her aging.


20. The 61-Year-Old model also reveals that she believes in letting go because it’s useless to waste time on struggle and resistance will not bring any change either. In fact, it would turn things more ugly and all this could make her sexy glitter disappear.

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