61-Year-Old Model Truly Stuns Her Swimsuit Drive, And Reveals Her Sexy Secrets



12. This is one of the sexy secrets she reveals, every day she spends 30 minutes to one hour doing yoga for the past 30 years. And goes for 15-45 minutes walk in the water on the beach.


13. She reveals, that one of her secrets towards her incredible complexion, is that she rubs olive oil on a regular basis, which she home makes it with fine sugar, in order to exfoliate her skin.


14. She reveals, that she eats one avocado each day along with nutrient-rich meals, which makes her look sexy.


15. Massaging her eye-catching white locks every day with rapeseed oil has helped her. And in shampoos, her favorites are Phyto’s Phytargent, Living Proof, and Cibaderm’s Hemp CBD, it’s a shampoo and conditioner with a hemp oil base and naturally dries her hair, avoiding dryer.

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16. Besides oil, she reveals some more secrets, that she has faith in products like May Lindstrom Skin and Rebecca Underdown’s Vendetta Skin, which are all natural brands with whom she’s already been working for five years as a model.