61-Year-Old Model Truly Stuns Her Swimsuit Drive, And Reveals Her Sexy Secrets



7. She has worked with some top US brands such as Bloomingdale’s, Barneys, Ford, J Crew, and Bobbi Brown from the age of 30.


8. Rossi reveals the secrets behind her being sexy at this age includes a nutritious diet, daily yoga and lots of s3x.


9. Rossi reveals that every relationship she has had with men, all of them have awakened a part of her. The men also seemed to have enjoyed her company because she has no hang-ups or restrictions.


10. When she launched her swimsuit drive, all her model colleagues praised her courageous move, but then this is what Rossi’s true nature is.

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11. The 61-Year-Old model reveals her love for eating organic food and believes in cooking fresh food every day.  She prefers vegetables, fruits, and nuts, along with high-quality meat and fish.