20 Pictures Revealing These People Inspires Everyone Disobeying the Fact Of Age

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Nothing is endless and age is definitely not. It can be easily seen on everyone’s body how age adversely affects everyone but these people are succeeded in defeating their age and look like they are just 20-30 year old when actually their ages are 60-70 years actually.

These are the list of people who look amazing at the much older age and successfully defeating their age:

1. Chuando Tan, who looks like he is in his 20s but he is actually 51 and all the credit goes to his fitness and a healthy diet.


2. Veruschka von Lehndorff is a 79-year-old is a German model, artist and actress.


3. She is Whang-od Oggay a 101 old Tattoo artist from the Philippines.


4. Wanja Sjodin with her determination has maintained her fitness and looks a lot younger when she is 80.


5. Xu Min is said to be ‘magical beauty’ as named by the Chinese media.



6. Christie Brinkley, who is 61 years but doesn’t look like one.


7. Anthony Verrecchia is a 55-year-old model and personal trainer.


8. Tatyana Nekludova is 61-year-old. She is also a model.