16 People who are Not Embarrassed To Be Their Stupid Self


There are a group of people among us who seem to not care much about social attention. For example, no matter how hideous their actions are, they don’t give a damn about people’s reaction. In fact, they enjoy the attention and laughter that comes along with it from the crowd. Basically, they can do anything stupid and won’t have a problem as long as people are enjoying their actions.

It can also come across that they don’t do it purposely and that the universe works its wonders with them. Either way, they are funny and people around them love them because of their dry attitude and humour. If you wanna test the waters and know more, here are some hilarious photographs of the said people.

1. The professor is in the cleaning process.

I guess he is bored of the normal duster.

2. That is not hygienic for the food at all.

No one is ordering after him.


3. “I need sleep, that’s all I want”.

The man doesn’t want any disturbance, you hear him?


4. He is not a big fan of work chairs.

That’s how he focusses on work.


5. Daddy’s girl always wants the extra treatment.

She loves being pushed on the trolley.