15 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Hated By Everyone


There are celebrities who are totally loved and adored everyone and then there are those who are absolutely hated by everyone. Justin Bieber is that one name which pops up when talking about famous people who are hated by everyone. Known for his disrespect for everyone, racists jokes, bad behavior in public and what not, this celebrity has done it all. How would you like if someone throws eggs at your house or runs you over by his car or does anything as such? There are plenty of reasons which prove why this guy is totally hated by everyone.

Here are the reasons why Justin Bieber is hated by almost everyone!

1. Made remarks about Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife



What would you if you are having a nice meal at a nice restaurant with your friend and suddenly someone comes in and starts talking about your ex-wife? You, of course, would hit him. That’s exactly what happened. Orlando Bloom was enjoying his meal with Leonardo DiCaprio at a restaurant when Justin Bieber showed up. When Orlando refused to shake Justin’s hand, he started talking about Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. And the next thing everyone noticed and cheered Orlando Bloom for him throwing a punch at Justin.


2. Has made racist and obscene jokes



This is one of those reasons which can make anyone hate this guy.He has been found making racist and obscene jokes in public.


3. Is known for treating his fans in a bad way



Without fans, no one will be able to attain the title of a celebrity. It is important to respect those who love. But seems like Justin Bieber has no idea about it. In an incident which happened when he was staying in a hotel, he literally spat on his fans and also, made fun of them. Do we even need more reasons to find out why is hated?

4. A flight had to wait for 8 hours 



Yes, just imagine the chaos one needs to create for a delay of 8 hours? I am sure the flight staff must have hated him for everything. He, at first, managed to be incredibly late to his own private flight, a full four hours and then spent another four hours trying to figure out how to get his pet monkey onto the flight with them, and even went as far to charter a helicopter to bring the monkey to the flight.

5. Justin Bieber disrespects flight attendants



Yes, this is one of the main reasons why he is hated by everyone. This one incident happened when he was on a private jet flying from Canada to New Jersey. It was later reported that he was constantly harassing a flight attendant and eventually ended up creating a chaos in the flight. The attendant was then asked to stay in the cockpit and was given an oxygen mask to calm her down.

6. Left a monkey at a zoo



When he was unable to produce the necessary papers to free his capuchin monkey after it was caught at an airport in Germany, he left the monkey there. And not even once cared to do anything to get his capuchin monkey back which still lives in a zoo.

7. Crashed his ATV into a minivan



Selena Gomez deserves way better than Justin, everyone knows it. When on a ride with Justin on an ATV, Justin ended up crashing it into a minivan and then had a fight. So many reasons to justify why this guy is hated.

8. Hit a reporter with his car



It is not good to be hated by the media, they can literally tear you to pieces. And seems like Justin is hated by the media people as well. He once ran his car over a reporter and then fled away from the scene leaving the reporter injured.

9. As per Justin Bieber, Anne Frank would be his fan



We all are aware of who Anne Frank is and what all she went through. The teenage Jewish girl whose diary when went public revealed the horror she went through along with her family during World War 2. When Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank home in Amsterdam, he wrote, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully, she would have been a Belieber,” on the guestbook. This guy should be hated.

10. Horrible tattoos



Tattoos talk a lot about people. Everyone with tattoos has a story behind each one of them. But what if one has horrible tattoos which can make anyone cringe? Justin has so many tattoos as such, like a big eyeball on his elbow, and what not.

11. Made a fan bleed



In one of the previous points, we told you how he spat on his fans. Well, he did something similar in Barcelona. When a fan waved to him to gain his attention, Justin Bieber hit him the fan hard on his face and left him with a bleeding nose and a messed up face. One of those reasons which prove why he needs to be hated, right?

12. He pretended to be handicapped at Disneyland



Everyone loves Disneyland, the rides, the thrill and everything else can make anyone happy. And what would be better than getting an overall pass to skip most of the lines and get any ride you want? Well, Justin Bieber owing to his celebrity pass was provided with all that yet he pretended to be handicapped and even acquired a wheelchair to get to the front of every queue. Seriously, all these reasons prove why he is hated.

13. A weird dress sense



Well, no one should be judged on the basis of what they wear. But having a good dress sense and a totally weird dress sense are two different things. All of us have seen pictures of this guy dressed in the weirdest way possible.


14. Threw eggs at a house



It’s not cool to throw eggs at a person house and this goes for everyone, be it a celebrity or otherwise. Justin Bieber was not only caught after throwing 20 eggs at his neighbour’s house he hated but also had to pay a fine of $80000 along with few hours of community service.


15. Tried to skip community service



In the last point, you got to read why this celebrity who is hated by everyone was given community service. Justin Bieber did the thing which he is best at. He tried to fake an injury a severe ankle injury to get out of this punishment.