Facebook is a free platform where anyone can share anything. When we say anything, some people take it way too seriously and end up making trashiest posts. I’m sure you would have got friends who post crazy things on Facebook and they are very comfortable in making their personal lives public. But things don’t go well every time and terrible things happen, and when it does, it is published for the entire world to see. Here we are going to discuss some trashiest posts that have ever happened on Facebook. These dumb creatures can make you numb so be careful before making any comments on their posts. Are they trying to be funny or is it literally who they really are? Let’s meet the geniuses!

Where do these people come from? Here we have listed 37 trashiest posts in the history of Facebook that will give you a perfect face-palm. Take a look!

1. Some people just don’t like the idea of privacy


2. Oh, God!


3. Haha! Pay your tab


4. Good


5. Seriously?


6. He knows his priorities


7. Who dresses as Twin Towers for Halloween?

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